Winter Hair Color To Try For 2018

Honey Blonde Hair for the natural looking blonde with the just right light brown with natural looking sun kissed light blonde.

Platinum Blonde, yes this has been the rage lately and let’s face it, it looks amazing when done right… on the right person. Be patient and remember, to have this trendy look it may take more than one visit to get the perfect icy blonde.

Terra Cotta Red, ok this is not for everyone but if you got to have the faded auburn  look like Kate Mara’s wore recently this is a unique and cool look.

Rose Gold has been seen on the daring starlets recently like Bella Hadid and Nicki Manij. It’s goes well with both warm or cool skin tones depending on the hue of Rose Gold.

Chocolate Ombré comes from the popular blonde version but for dark hair. It’s a beautiful look for the dark hair beauty that wants to lighten just a hint on the ends.

Sombre Baby Lights has been a salon favorite for some time. It’s an Ombre’ but much more subtle and natural looking.

Natural Dark Brunette when you have dark hair you must celebrate it and keep it looking rich and beautiful. Black hair has been seen as a recent but past fad so warming it up but keeping your hair looking natural is the key.


Book a color consultation and talk to one of our expert colorist today to have the hair color of your dreams.

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